This is Felo

TiF are Fermín Cimadevilla and Lorena Medina, a award winning film-making duo who believes that each project calls for a mix of intuition, experience and playfulness. Every project is a new chance to have fun and make it better.
They blend lifestyle and humor with a wide variety of styles and techniques that combine visual storytelling, animation and a strong art direction.
This is: Fe He specializes in quirky comedy, non-fiction style and storytelling which he achieves through a great eye for casting and performances with strong aesthetic visuals. He won 7 Cannes Lions with "The Town Where Nothing Ever Happens" which also became The Big Won Report´s 2nd. Most Awarded Worldwide Campaign. 
This is: Lo She has a mixed media background of film, animation and visual effects. She focuses on unique visually powerful images constructed predominantly by blending various techniques to create art direction driven narratives. She compiles a large amount of awards including Laus - Art Directors Club of Spain, "El Sol" - Iberoamerican Advertising Festival, CdeC - Creatives Club of Spain and Ciclope - International Advertising Craft Festival.