Feature Films

Recalcati Multimedia’s projects reach out to original productions for theatrical release:



Brian De Palma’s first film since 2012’s “Passion.” Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Carice van Houten — whom you might know as Jaime Lannister and Melisandre from “Game of Thrones,” respectively — it looks to be another stylized offering from the master behind “Carrie,” “Scarface,” and “Dressed to Kill.” Watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis: “In a world wracked by terror and suspicion, Copenhagen police officer Christian (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) seeks justice for his partner’s murder by an ISIS member named Imran. On the hunt for the killer, Christian and a fellow cop are unwittingly caught in a cat and mouse chase with a duplicitous CIA agent (Guy Pearce) who is using Imran as a pawn to trap other ISIS members. Soon Christian is racing against the clock — not only seeking revenge, but to save his own life.”

Behind the White Glasses

Behind the white glasses

This feature-length documentary, written and directed by VALERIO RUIZ, is a portrait of the life and career of Italian famous director LINA WERTMÜLLER. Produced by RECALCATI MULTIMEDIA, the film entered the VENICE CLASSICS category of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.
Official site & trailer


The Shadow of the Bride

A short movie written and directed by ALESSANDRA PESCETTA, and produced By RECALCATI MULTIMEDIA and LA CASA DEI SANTI
The last moments of life of WW2 soldiers are dissolved in the depth of the Mediterranean Sea, among emotions and thoughts. While sinking inexorably in the fascinating and cruel sea, love echoes in the letters of a husband soldier to his spouse. Today we can still hear those cries arise from the sea.
“There’s always a red sea, a living or dead sea that appears in front of all wandering men in search of a home.” Stefano D’Arrigo, Horcynus Orca.
The Shadow of the Bride was included in the VENICE ORIZZONTI category of the 74nd Venice International Film Festival.

We are presently developing the following new titles:

  • 100 Preludes  written and directed by Alessandra Pescetta
  • Show me love written by Roberto Proia
  • Era Meglio Peter Pan written by Davide Lo Schiavo, Claudia Palermiti Donato Semeraro  and directed by Max Croci