Roberto Serrini

I love story. Starting in Photography at Brooks Institute, falling madly in love with film at UCSB, mastering the craft of editing, and then combining all these experiences into directing makes it easy to love telling stories with a unique tool set of skills.

I’m a big fan of playing with a variety of genres and brands unlike most directors; it keeps me fresh and brings an innovative perspective to new projects. While I’m proud of the large scale work I’ve done for global brands, I love wrapping my hands around a camera, pounding a keyboard editing, and traveling to create content for a audience in need of something different. Offering a strong vision to  clients is always easy, however it’s the collaboration of creative minds that drives my passion to create.

And of course, if we’re not having fun, then really what is the point‘ Lina Wertmuller

Award Stuff

DGA SHOOT Top 30 New Directors 2017

ADC Golden Cube two time recipient

One Show Silver Pencil recipient

Le Book Advertising Showcase 2017

My work is in the MoMA Permanent Collection

My work is seen online by 150k people a day

New York  Film Festival  winner

Toronto Film Festival  nominee

and many more….