Francesco Quadrelli

Francesco Quadrelli is a young director born among  Ligurian sea BREEZE, he spent his childhood in the gulf of La Spezia, also known as Golfo dei Poeti  ( POETS GULF) THIS idyllic sea has always attracted artists for a long time.
He graduated at Scuola Civica di Cinema Luchino Visconti, refining his techniques and his approach to the world of art and production at the milanese institute that since the ì60s has trained a whole generation of professionals who are nowadays well-known names in the national audiovisual market.
He’s a passionate musician, ever since a young age he has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it, he dedicated himself to the production of several music videos for emerging artists. Now he loves directing commercials and everything that can be captured by a camera.
His mission in life is not MERELY to fit in the industry but to thrive.
He dreams of a cinema that knows how to hype and enhance the emotions and of an advertisement able to excites cinema enabling its full potential.