Green With Envy That P31 Aperitivo Isn’t In My Glass.

Concept: P31 came to me with a green bottle of booze and a desire to capture the American cocktail market. This unique alcoholic beverage is the only green aperitivo I have ever seen, so the concept of “the one and only” quickly blossomed into a full campaign that included recipe videos, bio films, and eye melting photography, all captured in half a day.

Drink Recipes

Green Aperitivo isn’t something you see everyday, so when I had the chance to experiment with this one of a kind liquor I called up master mixologist Davina Thomasula to craft unique recipes that weren’t just fantastic on the palette, but familiar enough to entice even the most loyal consumers. Each video was shot in my kitchen using three simultaneously rolling cameras so there would be plenty to work with in post while not requiring multiple setups.

Influencer Videos

For a novel approach to sharable social content, I took the concept of “one and only” and applied it to some of my more interesting friends. The result was a series of brand films that showcased various influencers from different fields. A motorcycle mechanic, a photographer, and a contortionist who all love P31 were shot in the neighborhood, and short sub minute films were produced to entice viewers to find out more about these “one and only” people. What I like about this campaign is that it focuses on a variety of real people, using organic interest to drive interaction with a brand and is beneficial for both the subject and the brand.

Print Photography

Having a background in classic product photography turns every video shoot into a still shoot with pleasure. There is always room to capture some high-impact stills to be used on social media or in print. Having one of the Influencer Videos be master photographer Noah Fecks doesn’t hurt either. He is by far one of my most favorite photogs in the world, who besides capturing some of the most iconic shots in the world, is truly one of the nicest humans on the planet.