Dole does it better.

When Dailey LA asked me and producer Rebecca Niles to fly across the Pacific and do a docu-driven piece about Dole in the Philippines, we jumped at the opportunity. On the fertile island of Mindanao, in the Sothern most region of the island chain, we found not just the rolling Dole Pineapple fields that crawl up the the active volcano Matutum, but a whole culture and thriving ecosystem that the company naturally creates. As a documentarian I am always very critical of doing branded work, but when you find something as truly remarkable as this, it is a pleasure to explore with your camera.
After a week of shooting and interviews, several pieces were created to tell the Dole story, exploring the history, philanthropy, and natural goodness that Dole has grown for over 200 years. Cutting and creating fun animation for this project was perhaps my favorite part, except for drinking a fresh Dole whip made volcano side in the hot Philippine sun.