Channel Factory Loves The Wrong Audience.

Channel Factory has the important job of putting your advertising in front of an audience who wants to see it. It is an unthankful, difficult and nuanced job, that is at its core the fundamental reason why we have anything like YouTube, Vimeo or the internet at large.
So in order to illustrate the importance of this monumental undertaking, I teamed up with comedy writer Brad Stuart to create a series of humorous vignettes that illustrate what happens when ads don’t find their right audience.
What I really love about this campaign is how diverse it is while how simple it was to create. I shot everyone individually at their own house, and operated the camera remotely to be in full accordance with quarantine guidelines. In the edit we did all the VO record remotely as well. In the end we ended up with 1 anthemic spot, a 30s TVC and 6 15s individual teasers that all work together to tell one common story: Channel Factory finds your audience.