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How it all  started

RECALCATI MULTIMEDIA was  born after the long professional experience gathered by its founders Leonardo Recalcati and Wanda Terraneo, both in commercials, the film industry and in the information technology field.
In 2011 the production of the first Italian 3D film, “Box Office”, has been his major engagement.
In 2012 Leonardo Recalcati has founded his own company focused on the production of commercials, movies, cross-media content for all digital platforms.
Starting from 2013 the company works also for copyright protection and world wide distibution througt most pop digital platform.
According to Leonardo Recalcati’s philosophy “the most classic models of business in the audiovisual field have to be reworked considering the evolution of the language in the global and new media markets”.

Company Vision

In the past, networks have mistrusted new subjects, which could have turned out to be innovative and decisive in critical situations, both for the budget and editorial contents.This apparent mistrust demonstrated how limited was (and sometimes still is) the conception of a social and economic role that audivisual contents potentially create inside a multimedia context.Developing creative cross-media contents means stimulating in the investors a sort of mental exercise, actually the real matter of innovation. And the best performances of a company are strongly connected to the capability of innovation.


In this moment the creative industry, conceived on different platforms, is becoming one of the big issues in the global competition.
We wants activating audiences producing great and quality content for brands, broadcast, digital network and common people.
This is main topic for us as producers and this is what we can do for others.
We try to spread the Italian lifestyle, from food to talents, in a different context from fashion and design, througt a new productive model, which combines low budgets and great editorial contents.

Service Breakdown

  • Service Production Company
  • Production Company
  • Digital



We are  a full service production company and media service based in Milano and Roma. Our goal is to provide the best production service available from A to Z, including: budgeting, production management, Location scouting, casting, research, and handling of all licensing and permits. We deliver a premium service for all aspects of TV Commercials, Films, Documentaries, Corporate videos, Product Photography and Fashion Photography.  We can provide Editing, Sound services. In addition to exceptional production value at competitive rates we could offer 25% Tax Credit for foreing theatrical motion pictures and Tv Productions.


Recalcati Multimedia is involved in the promotion, production and distribution of creative and alternative content as well as in the production of publicity videos and television advertising. In September 2015, a film produced by the company, Behind the White Glasses, was chosen to participate in the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. In the following months, the company was chosen as the executive producer of one of the leading offerings in the upcoming Asian Television season: Saimdang the Herstory. Recalcati Multimedia’s projects extend into the worlds of both television and film: Closer will be developed for Italian television. Roman Citizen was written by Luca Elmi and distributed by the company.


Electronic publishing brings up new questions in relation to copyright.
E-publishing may be more collaborative, often involving more than one author, and more accessible, since it is published online.
This opens up more doors for plagiarism or theft.
We are trying to change this, we know how to do marketing and content protection on YOUTUBE.
We create strategies for digital publishing for online success.


A Collection of Quality and professionalism

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You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lo­vers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly sa­ti­sfied is to do what you be­lieve is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

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